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Programs on the Ridgefield Campus    
Landmark Preschool in Ridgefield offers programs for children between one and five years of age in our newly-renovated preschool wing.
Beginning with “Fun for Ones,” a program for parents and caregivers to enjoy with their children, Landmark offers activities that develop children’s language, social and motor skills with the guidance of an experienced teacher.

Two and three-year-old children enjoy expressing their growing verbal skills, learning and playing with colors, shapes and numbers, and exploring their developing motor skills in exercise and activities. Our program takes advantage of this time of rapid growth to introduce new concepts and experiences that students will build on for the rest of their lives.

At age four, children love expressing their rapidly growing vocabulary and begin to ask "why" and "how" constantly. Our program capitalizes on four-year-olds' desire to learn and to express themselves through a wide variety of experiences that satisfy their curiosity and stretch their minds and bodies in fun, engaging ways.

Children age five and older have the opportunity to continue our program right on our campus through Ridgefield Academy, an independent day school for students in Kindergarten through Grade 8.

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